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Combined: For 6th to 12 Grade Students Due Date to Turn everything in (Church Waiver, Money, EPAD Form, Young Life Waiver) is Sunday, 3/20/22. See Below for Google Links to Waives mentioned. PURPOSE OF RETREAT: "At Reunite, your teens will know they are united to God because of Jesus (Phil 2:1-11). They are united together through Jesus for each other (Acts 2:44-43), and they are united together to transform their world with the message of Jesus. Through the years, as a district of churches we have championed the next generation’s role in the kingdom. We have seen 1,000’s of teens encounter the living Christ at Lake Champion, and we will continue to create an environment where Jesus is central to everything we do. We want you and your group to Reunite with your district at Lake Champion this spring, and this packet contains the necessary information to get your group successfully registered for Reunite. With faith and expectation that Jesus will do more than we can ask or hope for," The EPAD District Youth Retreat Leadership Team.

  • Date: 3/27/2022 09:00 PM
  • Location