Passcode for Zoom link is 55555

  成 人 主 日 学 Adult Sunday School

旧约(民书记-士师记) 实体在Room4  线上直播 Zoom 93490833183
新约(普通书信)实体在Room 2 线上直播 Zoom 83851588833
福音(盼望)实体在图书室  线上 Zoom 85857519038 
基督化家庭  实体在Room 14 线上 Zoom 87025736608
Adult English Sunday School Class  In person  Room 7 or contact church for Zoom

  周 间 聚 会 Mid-week Meetings

周二 7:30PM 祷告会 Tue Prayer Meeting Zoom 124434164
周二 10:00AM 长辈小组 Tue Senior Group Zoom 205009910
周三 7:30PM 家庭组预查 Zoom 87403162506
周三 7:00PM 学生组预查 Zoom 94785528321
周四 10:30PM 妈妈小组 Thurs Moms' Group 实体 Room 12  Zoom 94153736139

  周 五 团 契 聚 会 Friday Fellowship

校园心家团契  Home of Heart  6:00PM Pattee Library 有车接  6:30PM 在教堂晚餐
研究生团契  Graduate  6:00PM Pattee Library 有车接  6:30PM 在教堂晚餐 
家庭团契  Family Groups 
迦南小组 7:30PM Please follow the link here 
信望爱小组 7:30PM Please contact church 
迦勒小组 7:30PM Please contact church 
快乐之家小组 7:30PM Please contact church

  青 少 年  Youth Group

Friday Nights 
This Friday, 1/21/22 in Online Only
Middle School (6th to 8th Grade) is from 7:30 to 8:30:

High School (9th to 12th Grade) is from 8:30 to 9:30pm:

Sunday, 01/23/2022
This Sunday, 1/23/22, we will be Online and in Person for Rooted and Grounded Class at 11:15 am.  Here is the link:
NEXT PARENT MEETING is on Sunday, 1/23/22 and is now Online Only due to the Weather 
01/23/22 from 7:00 to 8:30 pm, please join us for our online only Parent Meeting. There will be sharing from parents that attended Conferences over the Christmas Break. Due to Covid, there will be no food.  Zoom Link Is: