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Weather Permitting we will be at Circleville Park from 1-3 pm on Thursday, 3/10. If weather is bad (Pastor Moe will make the call based upon temperature of that day along with previous days conditions) then we will have our event at Get Air. Parents make sure you sign your childen's waiver for the church and if we go to Get Air, their waiver. Get Air Cost is $25.00 for 2hours. You can get $50 gift cards at Sams Club for $37.00 and up to 25% online.

  • Date: 3/10/2022 01:00 PM - 3/10/2022 03:00 PM
  • Location


Waivers due at time of event or before.

Church Waiver link for either event:

Church Waiver pdf for either event: 

Spring Break Activities Waiver 22.pdf

Get Air Waiver is to be completed by Parent at Get Air if we do not go to Circleville.