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绿色阶段教会聚会方针 Green Phase Guidelines



As Centre County transitions through the various phases of reopening, 

we are thrilled to begin a gradual return to in-person ministry at SCCAC. 

Please pay attention to the following meeting guidelines.


⦿ 如果你有以下的情况,请留在家里
1. 发烧,咳嗽,失去味覺,呼吸急促,生病者
2. 14天之内有接触过Covid-19确诊者
3. 14天之内有外出到比本地疫情更严重的地区者
4. 14天之内有近距离长时间接触从比本地疫情更严重地区来访者
⦿ 聚会后,若得知自己有接触过Covid-19确诊者,或发现自己确诊,请立即通知所属团契负责人/小组长或杜荣启弟兄(,好进行跟踪接触者


⦿ 6/7/2020 开始,线上主日崇拜直播和实体聚会将同时进行,会众可以按心中感动,选择继续参加线上或参加实体主日崇拜
⦿ 6/7/2020 开始,参加现场实体主日崇拜的请留意:
1. 招待会记录参加人员的名字和联络方式
2. 在入门时请洗手,聚会时戴口罩,并维持至少6英尺的社交距离(同一家人不在此限)
3. 如果聚会人数超过可以维持社交距离的限制,招待会分流会众到图书室或大堂外厅
⦿ 所有主日学(成人,青少年,儿童)都维持在线上使用Zoom进行


⦿  目前所有儿童事工将继续维持在线上Zoom进行


⦿  8月份维持线上Zoom聚会,9月下旬按情况做适度调整


⦿ 各团契小组可以自己决定线上聚会或是实体聚会
⦿ 使用教会场地聚行实体聚会的小组请留意:
1. 请事先向林信宏傳道(Enoch)预约
2. 各小组负责人在每次小组实体聚集时要记录来参加的人员及联络方式
3. 团契小组实体聚会以现有成员为主,在此阶段,请不扩大邀请不认识的成员
4. 团契小组室内聚会总人数建议不超过25人;分組時應儘量使用空間較大的教室/房間 (Kid’s Zone, Library, Sanctuary, Room #9 etc)
5. 继续维持留意洗手,戴口罩,社交距离的基本原则
6. 现阶段不鼓励自助式的饮食共享,如果必要,可考虑自带食物或使用单独容器/包装
7. 场地用完,请清洁并喷洒酒精消毒


⦿  请事先向李其敏弟兄预约
⦿  负责人要记录参加的人和联络方式
⦿  继续维持留意洗手,戴口罩,社交距离的基本原则
⦿  场地用完,请清洁并喷洒酒精消毒
⦿  球类活动请留意:打球之前跟之后都要洗手(建议每隔一小段时间就用洗手液洗手);打球当中不要用手碰脸,准备一条毛巾,需要时可以擦拭;休息当观众时,请戴上口罩;保持室内通风

General Guidelines
⦿  Please stay at home if you have:
1. Fever, cough, shortness of breath/difficulty of breathing, loss of smell/taste, illness
2. Diagnosed with covid-19 within 14 days
3. Traveled to areas with more severe Covid-19 outbreaks in the past 14 days
4. Close contact with people traveling from areas with more severe Covid-19 outbreaks in the past 14 days
⦿  After attending church physical meetings, if you know that you have been in contact with someone diagnosed with covid-19, or if you are diagnosed with Covid-19, please contact your Fellowship/small group leaders or brother Rongchii-Duh immediately for tracing contact.
Sunday Service
⦿  Starting on 6/7, online and physical Sunday worship service will be provided at the same time. Feel free to continue attending online service or attend physical Sunday worship service. 
⦿  If attend physical Sunday worship service, please follow the following guidelines:
1. Please leave your name and contact information to the usher 
2. Wash your hands at the sanctuary entrance, wear a mask and maintain a social distance of at least 6 feet during service
3. If the number of people meeting exceeds the limit for maintaining social distance, the usher will divert the congregation to the library or lobby
⦿  All Sunday schools (adults, teens, children) are still online through Zoom
Children's ministry
⦿  Maintain the current online Zoom meeting format
Youth ministry
⦿  Maintain the online Zoom meeting now and will adjust it appropriately in September.
Fellowship Group meetings
⦿  Each fellowship group can decide whether to continue the online meeting or the physical meeting
⦿  Physical gatherings should follow the following guidelines:
1. If you will be using church facilities, please reserve with Enoch Lin in advance
2. Each group leader should keep record of the name/contact information of  the participants
3. The physical fellowship group meetings are mainly for  existing small group members. Please do not extend the invitation to unknown members at this stage
4. It is recommended that no more than 25 members of the fellowship group meet indoors at the same time.
5. Continue the basic principles of hand washing, mask wearing, and social distancing
6. The serving of shared meals or snacks is discouraged at this time.  Look for creative ways to incorporate food into events if needed like BYO or pre-packaged items.
7. Please clean and spray alcohol to disinfect the space after use
Other activities using the church facilities
⦿  Make an reservation with brother Qimin Li
⦿  The person in charge should keep a record the name/contact information of the participants
⦿  Continue the basic principles of hand washing, mask wearing, and social distancing
⦿  Please clean and spray alcohol to disinfect the space after use
⦿  Please pay attention to sports activities: wash hands before and after playing (it is recommended to wash hands with hand sanitizer every short period of time); Do not touch your face with your hands while playing, prepare a towel when necessary; When in the audience, please wear a mask; Maintain indoor ventilation

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